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If you’re in the La Jolla area and are in the market for plastic surgery or dermatology services, we encourage you to do your research in selecting a cosmetic provider. Online reviews are a great place to start. At La Jolla Plastic Surgery & Dermatology™, we strive to create the best patient experience possible, and we’re happy to see our hard work pay off through positive Internet reviews from our patients. Here, browse through the reviews from many of our past patients and read about their experiences in their own words.

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I decided to do my surgery with Dr. Chafoo after interviewing several surgeons for a rhinoplasty surgery. He was the first doctor that I truly felt comfortable with his ability and who put me at ease about the surgery. I am now three weeks post op and couldn't be happier with my results! Post surgery I had very minimal bruising, but quite a bit of swelling in my nose and face in general but I did not ice as regularly I should have. I was expecting the pain and experience to be awful but it was tolerable and only had some pain two days post op and then it was gone. Dr. Chafoo's nurses, Nancy and Patti are amazing!! Both of them were available for any questions pre and post operation if Dr. Chafoo was unavailable when I called. Both of them match Dr. Chafoo's excitment for your procedure and results even further re-assuring me that I made the right decision to go with Dr. Chafoo. I would highly recommend Dr. Chafoo to anyone considering a rhinoplasty surgery he truly is a master of his craft!

- Anonymous


I'm so happy with my results! Honestly if I would have known Dr. Chaffoo years ago I would have done it long time ago. He's AMAZING!! I'm so grateful & thankful I found him.

- Anonymous


Dr. Chaffoo and his staff are friendly, personable, and professional. I had my breast augmentation surgery last November which was a surprisingly painless experience and procedure. What I appreciate most of him and his team was that I never once felt pressured on what implant size to get or pushed into any extra unnecessary procedures. They listened to what I wanted and gave me an outcome that was 10x better.

- Anonymous


I felt so embraced upon my first visit. The Staff and both Dr. Susan Stuart and Dr. Chaffoo gave me great advise on some very big horrific looking keloids on my neck. Not pleasant to look at. So that same visit Mon. we started the steroid injections- Dr.Susan performed and laser treatment - Karen performed. I went home and it's 3 days later and I'm already feeling the shrinkage and relief of the scars diminishing! I cannot wait to see them vanish and my skin go back to normal. I really want to treat my 54 year old face with the micro needling next as my gift and early Birthday Present to myself. Please go visit them today - you will be amazed and you deserve the best!

- Anonymous


I was recommended to Dr. Stuart, by a close and dear friend. She told me that Dr.Stuart, had been rated as the best Dermatologist by the LA Jolla Light readers poll, of course I verified it at the time...all true. She gave me a full body exam and a clean bill of skin health. She not only cleared my skin but eased my mind as no other doctor has done for me in the past. She is not just my doctor but other family members see her as well. Her professionalism, bed side manner and laymen's term explanations as to what needs to be done for your skin health is top notch!! Follow her recommendations she never steers you wrong. And oh, did I mention her wonderful staff!! 🙂

- Anonymous


Just came back for chin implant and a revision... Gotta say I absolutely ADORE Dr. Chafoo and his staff. Do not go anywhere else !!!

- Anonymous


I'm a 31 year old mother of 4. I'm very health concientious and have always kept my self in tip top shape. After 4 pregnancies, and nursing, my breasts had shrunk to a AA. No matter how hard I worked out, I obviously couldn't change this! My 13 year old had bigger breasts than me, and the only place that I could find a bra that fit was the CHILDREN'S section. NOT COOL! 🙂 I went to see Dr Chaffoo, and immediately liked him and his staff. They were very welcoming and understanding. I had MANY questions about the size, and type of implant that I wanted. Nancy was great about taking my phone calls and answering my questions without hesitation. I opted for a "natural" look, and I'm very happy with my results. It's awesome to be able to wear a shirt and fill it out the way a woman is supposed to! I highly recommend Dr Chaffoo. In my opinion, he's simply one of the best in San Diego.

- Anonymous


Words cannot describe how delighted I am with my new, younger look! I think that Dr. Chaffoo did an amazing job, and the results are beyond my expectations. I also appreciate his efforts to make my procedure as affordable as possible, to relieve my concerns and to answer my questions.His staff are all wonderful, caring people who worked above and beyond to be supportive and encouraging.I thank and appreciate them all.

- Anonymous


Thank you Dr. Chaffoo for the excellent results we've achieved on my recent face lift and blepharoplasty!!Every time I look in the mirror I am reminded of what a smart decision I made to take the plunge to have plastic surgery and to have chosen you as my plastic surgeon! When people ask me why I felt compelled to have these procedures I tell them "I want to look as good as I feel." One of the unexpected side benefits has been the improvement in my self confidence. Now that I see a more energetic and youthful appearance looking back at me in the mirror I start my day with a skip in my step from the very beginning of the day.

- Anonymous

Superb results from Dr. Chaffoo's surgery on my eyelid growths. Thank you to doctor and staff for an excellent experience. Your customer service, patient care, pre and post op support are thorough and done with such care. Thanks for getting a wimp like me through a very successful surgery. So glad I found you!

- Cindy Stellar

My family has been going to Dr. Stuart since the 1990's. She helped my older children with their teenage skin problems. She has helped me with the damaged caused by a lifetime in the San Diego sun. Her staff is friendly and very knowledgable. They make you feel welcome and take away the anxiety from any procedure. I will continue to go to Dr. Stuart for all my family's dermatological needs.

- Brian Cochran

Thank you Dr. Chaffoo! I had a lot of scar tissue on my lip from a dog bite. To say the least, it would have to be a very artistic and tedious surgery to make my mouth look just right, especially when I smile. He was able to bring my confidence back, and handled my anxiety about the procedure so nicely while keepingme calm. I couldn't be happier that I found him, and now my smile is perfect! I feel pretty again. Thank you.

- Leia Hayes

Making the decision to finally get the rhinoplasty I had wanted since I could remember was made easier the moment I walked into this office and sat down with my incredible surgeon, Dr. Richard Chaffoo. With so many local surgeons to choose from, what it came down to when making my final decision was who made me feel the most comfortable and secure, which left no question in my mind that this was right exactly where I needed to be. Now here I am, three weeks post operation, trying to contain the overwhelming joy and emotions I feel at how perfect my surgery turned out! I just left a follow up appointment where Dr. Chaffoo happily let me know that my new shnoz was healing up beautifully, and showed me a blown up photo of what my nose used to look like. I didn't expect the tidal wave of emotion I felt and I couldn't hold back the happy tears at the beauty of my transformation. I am in the most overwhelmingly amazing state of gratitude. Dr. Chaffoo and his entire staff are amazing, warm, compassionate, and fun! I have and will continue to recommend this place to anyone and everyone I know. Thank you so much for my amazing and personal experience Chaffoo & Crew!!!

- Chelsea Rae

I don't have enough words to describe how happy I am. Dr. Chaffoo is absolutely amazing, as are all the nurses at the office. I had a breast reduction and some liposuction, and I was so nervous what the outcome would be, but damn do I look good! Dr. C is a magician, and meticulous to detail. It's only been 3 weeks (healing is rough), but I can't believe how amazing the results are. Not only are the results great, but the quality of care I have received post-op has been top notch. Everyone in the office is friendly and professional. They have been wonderful helping me heal! I would recommend Dr. Chaffoo and his team to anyone who is looking for great cosmetic surgery results.

- Kimberly Hopkins

Dr. Chaffoo is one artistic and amazing physician. I recently had my botox and lips injected by him. I have had these treatments in the past with a different physician and the results were so so. When I had it done by Dr. Chaffoo the results were EXACTLY what I wanted, even better than I expected. He took his time and the outcome was well worth it. I would recommend him to all my girlfriends!

- Kelly Ferreira

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