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CoolSculpting at La Jolla Plastic Surgery & Dermatology

This completely non invasive technology has disrupted the field of aesthetic medicine. Now patients can reduce those bulges of excess fat safely with no needles, anesthesia, or recovery time. This is the most effective method to remove fat with the application of cold which freezes fat cells. These cells are destroyed and the body eliminates …

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Breast Augmentation with Doctor Chaffoo

It is over 50 years since the first breast enlargement using silicone implants. Today it rates as the second-most popular form of cosmetic surgery worldwide, undergone by 1.5 million women in 2010. It began in spring 1962 when Timmie Jean Lindsey, a mother-of-six lay down on the operating table at Jefferson Davis hospital in Houston, …

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Doctor Chaffoo, MD, FACS, FICS is Guest Blogger on ASPS

Dr. Richard Chaffoo is the founder and surgical director of La Jolla Plastic Surgery & dermatology offering advanced hair replacement and restoration in the San Diego area. He is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon with 30 years of surgical experience. His accomplishments include past President of the San Diego Plastic Surgery Society and current Chief …

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Medical Treatments for Hair Loss

Rogaine (Minoxidil) Antihypertensive agent increases the duration of the growth (anagen) phase of the hair follicle growth cycle and can also induce a new anagen phase This improves the quality of the hair by increasing the diameter and length of the miniaturizing hairs. 5% foam works best bid reverse or slow down miniaturization, a hormone-driven …

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