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Ask the Doctor: Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover with BBL. Achievable? Hi and thanks for your questions. Your goals are achievable but best determined by a personal consultation with a local, board certified plastic surgeon. At the consult your plastic surgeon will take a detailed history and perform a thorough examination of your areas of concern. The pictures you submitted were helpful but no one …

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Rhinoplasty Explained by Dr. Chaffoo

  Most plastic surgeons agree that rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging cosmetic (aesthetic) plastic surgery procedures for many reasons. The nose is a complex structure with an obvious position in the middle of one’s face. Expert rhinoplasty requires simultaneously correcting nasal deformities while preserving maximal nasal function. One cannot make a nose look …

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 Is it safe to get Botox while breastfeeding? Congratulations on your newborn! There is no information or guidelines for Botox during breastfeeding. However, I would delay your treatment until after completing breast feeding. What is the difference between Botulax and Botox? Aside from the brand, are they pretty much the same thing? Aside from the …

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