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Do I need a Breast Lift to get perky breasts or just Implants?

I like to have my patients try on a number of different style and volume (cc) sizers at the initial consultation. I also enjoy reviewing with each patient photos of breasts they feel are attractive so we can discuss how to achieve the look they find attractive. Plastic surgery is as much art as science so find a board certified plastic surgeon with many years personal experience. That’s my best advice after decades performing aesthetic plastic surgery.

Do I need a breast lift and if so what type?

It can be very confusing for patients when given conflicting information. It certainly appears you need a breast lift from the enclosed photos. The surgeons you have seen have an advantage over those of us commenting on these photos; they have actually examined you. The most important decision is to see a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery with many years of experience.

Will tall and thin body make going from A to C cup difficult to make natural looking?

No surgeon can ethically guarantee the final cup size following breast augmentation surgery as there is no standardization for cup size in the fashion industry nor in plastic surgery.  I would recommend that you see a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and preferably a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. That’s my best advice after 30 years performing aesthetic plastic surgery best of luck.

My work is physically demanding. When would I be able to return to work after breast augmentation?

Some breast augmentation patients can return to work that doesn’t require much physical exertion after only 3 or 4 days, even if they combine the procedure with Smartlipo. As a massage therapist, I imagine you need to use your upper body quite a bit to create pressure. Because this could compromise the results of your breast augmentation, I would recommend you take at least 3 weeks off. If you aren’t able to take the necessary time off, perhaps you can postpone the procedure until the timing is better.

 Loss of Sensation After Nipple Reduction?

This is a common concern for patients considering breast augmentation. The loss of sensation in one of the nipples is a potential risk we discuss with patients, but it is quite rare. When it does occur, it is usually temporary. The best way to limit the risk of all complications associated with breast augmentation surgery is to choose a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who specializes in cosmetic breast procedures.

When can I wear a regular bra?

Plastic surgeons all have specific postoperative instructions that are meant to enhance the healing process, limit the risk of complications, and ensure the best results possible. It’s great that you’re already feeling like you are ready to transition to a sports bra 5 days after breast augmentation, but I encourage you to ask your surgeon about this issue. At my practice, when I do provide support bras after surgery, I recommend that patients wear them for about a month.

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