Who is Qualified to Operate the Coolsculpting Machine? Should It Be Only a Doctor?

Thank you for your question. In order to operate a CoolSculpting applicator in a treatment setting, you must first be certified by ZELTIQ, the manufacturer. Many practices, including mine, have a CoolSculpting Specialist on staff who has been trained by ZELTIQ and performs the actual treatment session. This meets the FDA requirements of operating a Class II medical device under a physician’s supervision. I also firmly believe that every potential CoolSculpting patient should be examined by a board-certified plastic surgeon before treatment. He or she can affirm that the patient is a good candidate for the procedure and develop the treatment plan that will result in the best body contouring results.

Is CoolSculpting with Zeltiq a Good Idea for Me? (Male, Abdomen & Chest)

Thanks for your question. CoolSculpting can be a good option for stubborn fat in the midsection and chest. Because the target areas are large, you would probably need several treatments. Based on the photos, however, I don’t believe CoolSculpting alone will be effective, because there appears to be some excess skin in both of your target areas. I would speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon to see what procedures would lead to the absolute best results in tandem with CoolSculpting. Good luck to you

Will Cool Sculpting (Zeltiq) Address Skin Laxity?

That’s an excellent question.As others have already noted, CoolSculpting is inherently designed to destroy fat without having any effect on the layers of skin on top. However, because CoolSculpting stimulates the body to gradually remove dying fat cells on its own, this gives your skin adequate time to adjust to the new contour of the treatment area. This requires skin elasticity, though. If you were to have a CoolSculpting treatment in an area where the skin has already lost its elasticity, the loose skin would remain even after the fat has been reduced. It sounds like an in-person consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon would be the best way for you to determine whether your skin is sufficiently elastic. Good luck to you.

 Is Abdominal Swelling Normal After CoolSculpting?

I had Cool Sculpting done three days ago…the large device on my lower abdomen and small one on upper abdomen. My abdomen is noticeably swollen. I have actually gained about 1.5 lbs even tho I am eating less and healthier. Is this temporary water gain from swelling normal?

While there is no downtime, swelling is a common side effect of CoolSculpting treatments, particularly when treating the midsection. Inflammation of the treatment areas can endure for up to 2 weeks as the body works to break down the fat that was destroyed by the Cryolipolysis. An itchy sensation is also normal. If your swelling persists beyond the 2-week mark, or if the discomfort becomes severe, please reach out to your provider for a follow-up examination. I hope this is helpful

Does CoolSculpting Really Work?

Gaining FDA clearance for fat reduction is a rigorous process that required CoolSculpting manufacturer ZELTIQ to prove results via clinical trials. Its intended use is specific: fatty bulges in areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise. Common examples include the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, and flanks (or “love handles”). Waiting time between treatment sessions will vary from patient to patient depending on the area being treated, but we generally recommend a minimum of 4 weeks. Results from a session will not be fully visible until about 8 weeks, because the body is gradually removing the destroyed fat cells in the interim. I hope this answer is helpful to you.

CoolSculpting Does Work – but NOT for everyone

CoolSculpting DOES work.  But, I wold strongly disagree with the dermatologist who started her answer with “CoolSculpting works for everyone” It does not.   Most healthy people with areas of stubborn, unwanted fat can achieve wonderful results with CoolSculpting

Some people simply do not have enough body fat for Coolsculpting to work effectively. There are areas where a person may have unwanted small bulges, but if the handpiece doesn’t fit securely, the patient will not see results.  Even people with large bellies, but very firm fat may not be ideal candidates if the handpiece does not fit securely over the skin and fat.  Additionally people who are obese, and looking for weight loss vs. reduction or elimination of stubborn areas of excess fat are not ideal candidates.

Yes, CoolSculpting works. It works for most people, but not for everyone. Please take your time and ask a lot of questions before and during your consultation. if you feel any pressure during a consultation, do not procedure with a treatment at that time.

We have had people disappointed to learn they are not ideal candidates for CoolSculpting in my practice. But, being turned away with an explanation is far less disappointing than having someone take your money and time for a procedure that may not be ideal for you.

Does CoolSculpting work for saggy skin?

The CoolSculpting Cryolipolysis method is designed to eliminate fat cells in small, targeted areas where fat has persisted despite a healthy diet and exercise regimen. While some skin tightening may occur as the body gradually removes the fat cells over time, this is a secondary benefit at best. If your main concern is sagging skin, it’s best to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to consider what procedures would be most effective. Best of luck to you.

How should my stomach feel 2 weeks after CoolSculpting

I must admit, I’ve been reading to many negative reviews and googled too much. I’ve convinced myself that I may develop Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia. I know…it’s too early to see results, and stop googling! But what should I feel like? I had a large applicator on lower abdomen and the small applicator on top. Right now I’m hoping it’s just swelling, but my stomach is bigger than before. When I sit down I actually have a roll of fat that hangs over. My stomach feels firm…is this normal?
Thank you for your question. Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH) is extremely rare, and its onset takes a few months. At this point in your healing process, what you’re experiencing is swelling — and that’s normal. After a CoolSculpting treatment, swelling should begin to subside right around 2 weeks after treatment (i.e., any day now). It will take about 1 month for your results to be more defined, and the full effects won’t be present for 3 months. However, if your swelling continues to worsen in the weeks ahead rather than improve, I would alert your surgeon. Best of luck!


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