August 2016 Newsletter


New CoolSculpting® Applicators Coming Soon!

We have exciting news! New CoolSculpting treatment applicators will be arriving at our practice soon. These applicators are designed to fit specific areas and contours of the body to reduce treatment time and provide more effective results. Look for the new applicators, coming soon!


Get Your Hair in the Game

Now is the perfect time to start thinking seriously about the hair restoration treatments you’ve been hoping for.

If like many, you’re wary of the traditional treatments that require incisions or unnatural “plugs”, you can relax. The NeoGraft® hair restoration system does not require any stitches, requires minimal downtime, and produces natural-looking results that last a lifetime.

Learn more about what to expect right from Dr. Chaffoo!

Improve Results with Hair Medica

Want to further enhanced the results of your NeoGraft treatment? We recommend the Hair Medica Infusion system. For better hair anchoring, reduced hair loss, and thicker hair throughout, the system is designed to support the regeneration and growth process for hair restoration patients.

Rhinoplasty information in La Jolla.

Considering Rhinoplasty?

Have you ever wondered just what rhinoplasty can treat? After years of developing his advanced surgical techniques for rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Chaffo has provided natural results for hundreds of patients around the San Diego area. These are just a few of the benefits his nose surgery can offer you:

  1. A more refined tip of your nose
  2. Smoother bridge and shape of your nose
  3. Balanced proportion of your nose with other facial features
  4. Repaired damage caused by injury
  5. Clear airways blocked by nasal structures

Have more questions? Find answers in our FAQs. Ready to sign up? Dr. Chaffoo offers complimentary consultations! Request a consultation today.

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