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During your personal breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Chaffoo he will initially review your medical history in detail with you. Dr. Chaffoo discusses your family history for breast cancer, personal history of breast diseases, and prior breast imaging studies. In addition, he and his staff review your general medical health, medications, and prior surgical procedures along with any anesthetic or surgical complications.

Following a thorough and detailed history, Dr. Chaffoo will perform a detailed breast exam. This includes a manual exam for masses and measurements of breast dimensions so that a breast implant can be matched to your specific dimensions. The position of the nipple in relation to the breast crease or infra-mammary fold will be measured to look for breast sagging or ptosis and the possible need for a breast lift or mastopexy.

Asymmetry is the rule rather than the exception when comparing breasts. This may be due to a number of factors including differences in breast volume, breast position on the chest wall, chest wall deformities and even curvature of the spine or scoliosis to name a few. Dr. Chaffoo will demonstrate these subtleties in the consultation room which is fitted with ceiling to floor mirrors. This is important because breast augmentation surgery will simply make breasts larger but will not change the position of the breasts on the chest wall.

The position of the nipple in relation to the breast fold or crease will also be measured to determine the need for a breast lift or mastopexy at the time of breast augmentation surgery. The type of lift and incisions will be determined by the degree of sagging or ptosis and discussed in great detail during the consultation.

Next, Dr. Chaffoo’s cosmetic consultant will have you try on a number of different “sizers”. These are usually silicone and placed over the breasts and beneath a bra. This will allow you to see the potential outcome of breast augmentation surgery and choose an appropriate range of breast implants prior to surgery.

At your preoperative appointment with Dr. Chaffoo and his nurse, you may decide to try on sizers again. You are encouraged to bring photos of women who are similar to you in height and frame and whose breasts you like. For instance, these can often be found looking at our photo gallery. This allows Dr. Chaffoo to understand your aesthetic goals in more detail so that we can achieve them during surgery.

At the time of breast augmentation surgery Dr. Chaffoo will make the final decision regarding implant size and shape based upon all the aesthetic details recorded during your consultation and preoperative appointment. This is essentially a three step process. The first is the examination and measurements of your breast parameters. The second is the use of sizers during the consultation to determine the range of implants which may meet your aesthetic goals. Finally, the third stage is the use of sterile intraoperative sizers to make a final,detailed decision about implant style and size.

You can be certain that Dr. Chaffoo feels it is a privilege to be your plastic surgeon. He uses his technical skills and keen artist’s eye to obtain the ultimate aesthetic outcome for each breast augmentation patient. No two patients are alike; we are all unique. In the end, it is about training, experience, and a commitment to excellence which triple board certified La Jolla plastic surgeon Dr. Chaffoo provides to each of his patients to obtain consistently superb breast augmentation surgery results.

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Dr. Richard Chaffoo,MD Triple Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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