Case 134 Mini Tummy Tuck & Liposuction


Case 134

This is a delightful 41 year old San Diego women who desired to improve the appearance of her abdomen. she had two prior children and complained of a persistent bulge of fat in the lower abdomen as well as loose skin following her pregnancies. She consulted us regarding an improvement and rejuvenation in the contour of her abdomen. At her consultation she demonstrated the localized fat of her abdomen and a loose and somewhat pachaless umbilicus with excess skin immediately above the pubic region. She was a excellent candidate for a combination of a mini tummy tuck or mini abdominoplasty and liposuction of the abdomen. This procedure is performed though a incision just along the pubic hair line thats relatively small and removal of the excess skin tightening of the unlineing muscles and liposuction of fat of the abdomen. She has shown several months after surgery with remarkably improved and rejuvenated appearance to her abdomen. The excess fat has been removed her umbilicus is no longer patchless but is more vertical or slit like oriented and her incision is hidden below her bathing suit line. And in addition her abdomen appears flatter and more youthful under profile view.

Mini Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck is a common procedure performed to rejuvenate the abdomen when there is excess skin and fat confined to the lower abdominal region. This procedure creates a virtually imperceptible scar through which liposuction tightening of the underlying muscles and removal of the excess skin can be accomplished. it is a outpatients procedure and patients usually return a week following surgery and back to their usel workout routine several weeks following surgery. these procedures are typically performed within the safety of a certified surgical center along with a board certified md and anesthesiologist.

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