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Coolsculpting is the most effective non-invasive means to permanently remove unwanted fat from multiple areas on the body. It has been studied more thoroughly and longer than any other non-invasive technology in terms of safety and efficacy to eliminate fat and is approved by the FDA. When the skin comes in contact with the applicator it freezes the fat cells by a process called cryolipolysis. Gradually the fat cells are eliminated over 2-3 months with no downtime or limitation of activities.

While many people realize that coolsculpting can be used to remove excess fat in the abdomen and flanks (sides) few are aware of the many other areas where this technology can be used. With the development of newer hand pieces and custom applicators, excess accumulations of fat can be removed from under the chin. In addition, the newest applicators allow freezing larger areas in shorter tine periods, often 35 minutes in duration.

Excess fat in the arms can be targeted with custom applicators. There is also some recent evidence that skin tightening may occur with this cold technology. Hey single treatment with cool sculpting will aluminate 20 to 25% of fat in one area. The treatment can be repeated within several months and after 2 to 3 treatments may result in outcomes similar to that obtained with more traditional liposuction.

Women are often concerned about areas of localized fat around the bra area. These areas are ideal to target with cool sculpting. These unsightly bulges which occur above and below the bra line both along the front and the back can be eliminated resulting in a smooth transition from the bra line to the back and sides.

Men are often bothered by the unsightly bulges of the chest region. They can become self-conscious about wearing tighter fitting shirts and can feel self-conscious about going shirtless. If these bulging areas of the chest are due to excess fat they can often be targeted very effectively with cool sculpting technology.

Patients who have previously undergone liposuction and have small contour irregularities may be improved with cool sculpting technology versus further liposuction. Further liposuction may worsen these contour deformities especially if they are superficial whereas coolsculpting will conservatively target areas of excess fat in these areas creating a smoother contour.

Patients who have previously undergone a tummy tuck may have areas of persistent excess fat along the scar line especially on the sides. While liposuction may improve these areas cool- sculpting is also a great way to reduce the excess fat in these regions in a non-invasive manner.

Excess deposits of fat along the medial and lateral thighs can be improved with cool sculpting technology. Contour deformities are more common with liposuction along the medial thighs because the skin is thin in this region. These contour deformities can be avoided entirely using cool sculpting for the medial thighs.

When considering cool sculpting it is important to do your research thoroughly. There are many centers that perform cool sculpting but very few who are true experts in this field. As with any cosmetic procedure your final outcome is directly related to the experience and the expertise of the staff performing this procedure. At La Jolla Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Dr. Chaffoo, Dr. Stuart, & Robert (our certified coolsculpting specialist) have one of the busiest cool sculpting centers in the nation. They have a combined experience of treating over 7000 patients and over 15,000 treatments since 2010. Their website showcases over 50 patients in their photo gallery who have undergone cool sculpting treatment. There is no practice in San Diego County that has the breadth of training and experience with such noninvasive technology as La Jolla Plastic Surgery and Dermatology. For more information on Dr. Chaffoo, view his Curriculum Vitae.

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