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Laser Treatment with Doctor Susan Stuart,MD, in San Diego, CA.

At La Jolla Plastic Surgery & Dermatology, we offer patients the most effective and technologically advanced laser devices to rejuvenate your skin in a safe environment under the direction of Susan M. Stuart, MD, FAAD.

Dr. Stuart is a nationally renowned cosmetic dermatologist and laser specialist who is the past President of the San Diego Dermatological Society and former Chief of Dermatology at Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla.

Our laser treatments, including Fraxel® and laser hair removal, offer San Diego-area residents noticeably more beautiful skin. Certainly, laser treatments have come a long way in the past decade, but advanced technology won’t help you if the person using the laser isn’t experienced. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Susan M. Stuart administers our powerful lasers with skill and expertise. With Dr. Stuart’s help, smooth, youthful-looking skin can be yours.

As a La Jolla dermatologist and skin care specialist, Dr. Stuart has helped thousands of women and men enjoy smooth, blemish-free skin. She can help you, too. Request a complimentary consultation online today or call  (858) 256-4458 to schedule your appointment.

Fraxel® Laser Treatment: This fractionated laser gently rejuvenates skin at the deeper levels for a beautiful, even tone.

PrecisionTx™: These advanced laser treatments provide non-surgical rejuvenation of the lower face by tightening and firming skin on the jawline and neck. In most cases, a single treatment is all that is needed for noticeable improvement.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): Using powerful light energy, IPL encourages cell renewal and reduces the appearance of red and brown discoloration.

Laser Hair Removal: Reduce unwanted hair nearly anywhere on the body on all colors of skin with the advanced

Lumenis® LightSheer® DESIRE™ or M22™ system.

Laser Vein Therapy: Purple spider veins and vascular birthmarks, such as port wine stains, can fade significantly with laser therapy.

Tattoo Removal: If you no longer wish to live with your tattoo, laser tattoo removal can effectively reduce its appearance.

CoolSculpting®: This fat reduction treatment is popular at our San Diego-area practice because it’s completely non-invasive, and requires no anesthesia or downtime.

La Jolla Plastic Surgery & Dermatology uses state-of-the-art laser and energy treatments that are effective and safe on all skin types and tones. By accurately targeting skin damage without harming healthy skin cells, our laser treatments require little or no downtime. Recent progress in laser technology allows light to penetrate deeply beneath the skin’s surface, specifically targeting damaged cells while additional safeguards protect the outer layer of skin. Other energy treatments target excess fat, hair, and unwanted tattoo inks. Explore your options.

Fraxel® Laser Treatment
San Diego residents trust La Jolla Plastic Surgery & Dermatology for treatments that get maximum results with minimum downtime. The Fraxel re:store® DUAL laser is an extremely popular and effective technology that corrects sun damage, uneven skin coloring, fine wrinkles, and rough texture — without significant discomfort or downtime. In the hands of Dr. Susan Stuart, a board-certified dermatologist and laser specialist, Fraxel treatments can help you to have skin that looks radiant and feels like new.

If you are interested in laser skin resurfacing and live in the greater San Diego area, request a complimentary consultation using our online form or call our office at (858) 256-4458.
What Can It Do?

Fraxel treatments may be used on most areas of exposed skin, which commonly include the face, neck, chest, and hands. Fraxel safely and effectively treats a range of skin concerns including:
Fine lines and wrinkles
Age spots, freckles, sunspots
Superficial scars and stretchmarks
Actinic keratoses
Rough texture

How Does It Work?
While traditional lasers have a solid beam of laser energy that treats the entire surface of the skin, the Fraxel laser emits thousands of pinpoint columns of laser energy. This fractional approach means that a fine grid of skin is treated while surrounding pinpoint dots of skin are untreated. Because the entire surface of the skin is not ablated, downtime is reduced and the skin repairs and renews itself more quickly.

The Fraxel DUAL is actually 2 lasers in one:
For radiant, uniform skin coloring: the 1927 wavelength treats the outermost layers of the skin to target excess pigment, fine lines, uneven texture, enlarged pores, and even pre-cancerous skin cells (actinic keratosis).
For smooth, firmer, thicker skin: the 1550 wavelength penetrates deeper to renew collagen production, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and acne scars, smoothing the skin’s surface, and enhancing the skin’s thickness.
Because it is easy to switch between wavelengths, we can treat both the surface of the skin and deeper layers in a single session. In either mode, the Fraxel laser provides non-ablative fractional resurfacing, which means the surface of the skin is not removed.

Your Fraxel Treatment
We perform Fraxel treatments in our office. The entire process takes about an hour and a half to complete. First your skin will be cleansed and dried, followed by a topical numbing cream. Once the skin is numb, which usually takes an hour, the Fraxel handpiece is glided over the skin until all target areas are covered. As the laser energy is emitted, you may feel heat or tingling on your skin, but you shouldn’t feel pain.
Many patients choose to complement their Fraxel results with other cosmetic dermatology treatments such as

BOTOX® Cosmetic or dermal fillers. During your complimentary consultation, Dr. Stuart will create a specific treatment plan with you to give you the improvements you want.
After Your Fraxel Laser Treatment
After your treatment your skin will feel warm to the touch and look pink or red, similar to a sunburn. Some patients return to their daily activities; others choose to go home and rest for the remainder of the day. Tips for the first week or 2 after treatment include:

Apply cool compresses or ice packs as directed, especially for the first day

Drink plenty of water

Use a non-comedogenic moisturizer with sunscreen; apply liberally

Resist squeezing or picking any bumps or pimples that form

Do not pull off peeling skin

You may apply concealer to reduce redness beginning the day after treatment if desired. Your skin will gradually turn a bronze color and then peel and flake (again, similar to a sunburn). Expect your skin to feel tight, dry, and itchy as it heals. Gradually the treated skin will peel off and your fresh, new skin will be revealed.
Avoid direct sun exposure for at least 3 months after your treatments, and consistently apply sunscreen of at least 30 SPF, as the new skin is highly sensitive.

Results That Keep Getting Better
It is likely you will notice improvement after your first Fraxel treatment; as collagen rebuilds in the skin your skin will look and feel even better. We recommend a series of 4 to 8 sessions spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart for optimal results.
Many patients choose to complement their renewed complexions with laser hair removal to dramatically reduce unwanted hair almost anywhere on the body.

For women and men who want to correct sagging and laxity in the jawline and neck, Dr. Stuart recommends PrecisionTx for non-surgical skin tightening and facial rejuvenation. San Diego triple board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo performs this one-time, one-hour treatment, and works closely with Dr. Stuart to ensure an optimal outcome for patients.

If you’d like to take years off your neck and chin without surgery, request a complimentary consultation with Dr. Chaffoo, or call (858) 256-4458 to schedule your appointment.

Am I a Candidate for PrecisionTx?
PrecisionTx is an excellent option for men and women who are bothered by the appearance of lower facial aging but may not be ready or willing to undergo a face lift. Minimally invasive PrecisionTx uses carefully directed laser energy to melt fat cells and tighten skin for immediately noticeable results that continue to develop over time.
If your skin tone and condition remain relatively youthful but you’re bothered by the appearance of a double chin, Dr. Chaffoo may recommend KYBELLA® injections. KYBELLA is a non-surgical procedure that reduces the fat below the chin.

PrecisionTx Treatments
A typical PrecisionTx procedure lasts for about 90 minutes, and requires only local anesthesia. Dr. Chaffoo makes a series of 3 small incisions, usually below the chin, then inserts a very thin laser tube through these incisions. He directs the laser energy to the targeted areas, liquefying excess fat and heating loose or sagging skin from within. The laser energy encourages the tissue to contract and promotes new collagen growth for thicker skin.

Recovery After Precision Tx
Recovery after a PrecisionTx laser lift is quick and simple for most patients. Any discomfort is typically managed with acetaminophen. Mild swelling usually fades after the first few days. It is normal to have light bruising in or around treated areas initially, which can be covered with camouflage makeup.
Patients will need to wear a compression garment on the face and neck for the first 48 hours, and then only at night for about 4 to 6 weeks. The gentle pressure minimizes swelling and encourages firm, smooth contours as treated areas heal.

While experiences vary, most patients are ready to return to their daily activities within 2 to 3 days and work within 4 to 5 days.

Some patients report an immediate difference in the quality of their skin, and results continue to develop over a period of 3 to 6 months, although results depend on individual factors. While the final outcome can be long-lasting, many patients choose to maintain their results with treatments such as injectables and fillers.

Why Choose Dr. Chaffoo
Dr. Chaffoo is board certified in plastic surgery, otolaryngology (head and neck surgery) and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. He has more than 20 years in practice specializing in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. He is warm and approachable, and always works with his patients to achieve their vision of beauty.

Your Next Step
Whether you’re considering PrecisionTx or cosmetic surgery, we recommend Dr. Richard Chaffoo as a trusted surgeon for our skin care patients. The excellent care we provide is carried through at his practice as well. request a complimentary consultation online or call Dr. Chaffoo’s practice at (858) 256-4458.

Laser Hair Removal
For men and women in the San Diego area, having smooth, hairless skin means more time spent enjoying the sunshine and less time spent shaving, plucking, or waxing. Dr. Susan Stuart, a board-certified dermatologist and laser specialist, helps patients reduce unwanted body hair growth using 2 advanced, versatile systems designed to tailor treatments to each patient’s skin type and aesthetic goals.

Your Hair Reduction Options
Our practice is pleased to feature 2 specialized hair removal systems used to help each patient achieve long-term hair reduction. Both the LightSheer® DESIRE™ and M22™ IPL treatments by Lumenis® heat hair follicles to break down regenerative structures and inhibit future hair growth. During your complimentary consultation, we will discuss your personal goals and recommend the best approach for you.

The LightSheer DESIRE’s versatile diode laser wavelengths allow us to tailor treatments to your specific needs. For patients with darker skin tones who may not be candidates for other laser hair treatments, the longer pulses and higher energy of the 1060nm wavelengths overcome high melanin levels in the skin to deliver safe, comfortable, and effective treatments.

Since this treatment works best on hair follicles in the active growth phase, a series of sessions spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart will make sure all the necessary follicles are treated. Depending on the size of the area you want to target, we may recommend 6 to 9 appointments. The result is long-lasting, dramatic hair reduction.

Our M22 system is a highly customizable laser application platform. The device’s intense pulsed light (IPL) mode provides an alternate method of hair reduction that’s suitable for any skin type or hair color. IPL uses focused light energy to heat hair follicles and prevent future growth.
While your specific plan may vary, we often recommend 6 to 12 treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart for the most comprehensive results. With this method, you can also expect to see dramatic reduction that is long lasting.


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