Dermatology & Plastic Surgery: Better Together

One of my favorite parts of my job doing plastic surgery in San Diego is being able to go to work with my wife every day! I’ve shared more about balancing both our family and professional team in my very first blog post. Aside from my personal enjoyment, our collaboration means we’re uniquely able to offer our patients enhanced care in both dermatology and plastic surgery. We like to think of it as the best of both worlds.

A “What’s Best for You?” Approach

Dr. Stuart and I believe healthy skin is the foundation of aesthetics. Strong, healthy skin allows your body heal from injury, repair scars, restore sun damage, and complement the results of any plastic surgery treatments you have. With that base, other aesthetic treatments will be even further enhanced, with more dramatic and transformative results for patients. Having Dr. Stuart’s cosmetic dermatology practice working side by side with my plastic surgery practice allows us to provide patients with a more well-rounded approach to their concerns. We’re able to draw from multiple disciplines to provide our patients with a dynamic take on their treatment plan.

For example, if a patient is interested in rhinoplasty but also wants to treat acne, we can help find the right balance, so their skin care plan complements their surgery and recovery processes, while solving both of their concerns. Another example: Let’s say a patient comes to see me for a facelift, but also has fine lines around the eyes that a facelift won’t address. Dr. Stuart can help that patient from a nonsurgical perspective, further enhancing the end result.

Comprehensive Patient Care

In the medical world, and especially in aesthetics, there are few examples where doctors from different fields or practices truly work hand-in-hand to help their patients. Two doctors may exchange emails or share a phone call about a patient, but a comprehensive care program is hard to come by. Here, it comes standard. Because we’re working together as partners at one practice, Dr. Stuart and I take time to discuss each patient’s goals together and build a thorough care program, with a strong foundation in both dermatology and plastic surgery.

Surgical and Nonsurgical Options

Because we’ve joined forces, we can offer a very wide range of rejuvenating options to patients, from plastic surgery to the medical spa to clinical dermatology options. If you were to visit a typical medical spa, you’d only have nonsurgical options available to you. Many plastic surgeons do offer a few nonsurgical options, but few can match our breadth of options, particularly paired with my wife’s expertise.

If you have any questions about our partnership or our approach to treatment, feel free to leave them in the comment section below, and we’ll be happy to respond to each one.

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