The answer to saggy earlobes

A plastic surgery procedure is increasing in popularity – and it involves a body part often overlooked.

The procedure is earlobe reduction surgery – and judging by a recent Keeping up with the Kardashians episode in which Kris Jenner admits her earlobes make her self-conscious – and all she really wants are “cute ears,” the surgery is quite simple.

Performed by a plastic surgeon, the surgery consists of injecting the earlobe with a local anaesthesia before cutting a wedge of the earlobe out. Then the remaining lobe is reattached to the head – resulting in a smaller, more youthful ear.

Although the Kardashians are no strangers to plastic surgery – the earlobe reduction surgery seems bizarre even by Kardashian standards.

But it turns out the procedure is actually common – and was highly requested long before Kris Jenner announced her decision to undergo the surgery after insisting “I can’t afford for my diamonds to get any bigger!”

Often the procedure is requested after a lifetime of wearing heavy earrings – which can stretch earlobes over time, as is the case with Kris Jenner. People who have used gauges to stretch earring holes are also popular candidates for the procedure.

But other patients undergo earlobe reduction simply because they are self-conscious about the size of their earlobes.

The procedure involves cutting a wedge out of the earlobe


The outpatient procedure was featured on Keeping up with the Kardashians


So if your earlobes don’t look as youthful as you’d like, earlobe reduction could be the answer

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