Illegal buttock injections are more common than you think

How many times have you read a story about illegal plastic surgery in the news?

How many times have you read a story about illegal plastic surgery in the news?

How many times have you read a story about illegal plastic surgery in the news? It seems every week there’s a new case where an unscrupulous individual provided back-alley cosmetic surgery that led to injury, disfigurement or even deaths of a patient. While you may think that these stories are just one-offs that don’t happen frequently, the truth is, there are many people trying to make a quick buck by giving discount plastic surgery procedures. If you are planning on seeking out the services of a cosmetic surgeon in the near future, then you must educate yourself on the dangers of back-alley plastic surgery.

Danger on the rise
There are individuals giving out all sorts of illegal cosmetic procedures, from Botox injections to dermal fillers. However, there is one procedure that seems to dominate the news: buttock injections. USA Today recently ran a report about the number of such cases and what may be behind the increase.

Full, round posteriors have been popular for some time, but a number of celebrities, including Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, may be driving the increase in the number of people seeking out a plumped up rear end. There are even online forms that aim to connect prospective patients with these illegal providers. An April 2007 question on such a forum received over 14,000 responses. A woman in Georgia who died after traveling to Mississippi for buttock injections in 2012 found her administrator through the internet. She paid an interior director with no medical training $1,500.

The most recent case
There have been deaths associated with illegal buttock injections in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada and New York, according to the news source. The most recent case involves a Florida man named Calvin Butler, who is being referred to as the “motel surgeon,” according to the Sun Sentinel, a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, newspaper.

Butler was sentenced to eight years in Prison on August 28 after he was found guilty of injecting two people, a man and a woman, with substances that he claimed would enhance their buttock, then sealing the injection sites with Krazy Glue. According to the news source, he charged each of those patients $200, and authorities expect others to come forward. One victim told police that he suffered an infection that required surgery following his procedure.

If you are interested in getting a buttock injection, make sure the person carrying out the procedure is a board-certified plastic surgeon and that the operation takes place in a medical facility

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