NeoGraft Hair Transplant Case 180

Case 180

This 38 year old male consulted la jolla hair md for evaluation treatment of gradual hair loss in the frontal hairline the patient was unhappy with his receding frontal hairline he thought that is frontal hair line was thinning and relatively narrow he had never undergone prior hair replacement surgery he had looked at some options online but was not interested in undergoing a strip procedure or F.U.E he was concerned about a linear scar at the back of his head and prolonged recovery. He decided to consult us for neograft F.U.E surgery. At the time of his consultation we showed the patient the best aesthetic design for his frontal hairline and felt he was a excellent candidate for Neograft hair restoration surgery his donor area was dense and brown and straight his frontal hairline while present was relatively narrow and thinning especially within the frontal temporal  recessions and along the frontal hairline he elected to undergo neograft hair restoration in our clinic and underwent a harvest emplaced that are approximately 2000 grafts to create a denser yet very natural frontal hairline similar to the appearance of his hairline before his hair loss occurred.

he was was delighted by the natural appearance of his new frontal hairline he felt it was much more dense and natural and age appropriate he also felt that the results of this procedure were undetectable even with his hair wet. In addition there was no visible scar in the donor area and he was able to wear his hair relatively short.

neograft hair restoration is game changing technology to restore hair loss in both men and women the procedure avoids a linear scar at the back of the head and individually removes the follicles which are then transplanted into the areas of hair loss the donor area in which they are taken heals in and there are no visible scars or thinning of the donor area along the back or sides of the head the results when performed properly are entirely natural and indetectable.

our hair restoration practice is one of the busiest neograft practises in the country and the busiest neograft practice on the west coast.

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