Plastic Surgeon Dr Richard Chaffoo and Dermatologist Dr. Susan Stuart Releases New Book on Hair Restoration

Hair Loss Solutions Book Cover“Hair Loss Solutions” Offers An Inside Look At Restoring Patients’ Hairlines

Dr Richard Chaffoo and Dr Susan Stuart have released a new book, HAIR LOSS SOLUTIONS: The Ultimate Guide To Restoring Your Hairline. The book, from one of Southern California’s leading hair restoration teams, gives readers a firsthand look at hair restoration and hair loss solutions using the latest scientific treatments available today.

“Anyone suffering from alopecia will find this book to be more like a manual or survival guide for hair loss. It will help someone with no medical background to become more of an ‘expert’ in alopecia than most physicians,” said Dr. Chaffoo. “Most importantly, it will empower the public with vital information about the causes of hair loss and the treatments which have proven, scientific benefits.”

As he is a medical advisor to Stemson Therapeutics, Dr. Chaffoo also shares the groundbreaking research done with internationally renowned research scientist, Alexey Terkisch, Ph.D regarding cloning hairs with stem cells.

Dr. Chaffoo has spent over 30 years as a successful triple-board certified plastic surgeon in Southern California and has treated thousands of patients for hair loss. This book is an important read for anyone who has experienced (or knows someone who has experienced) hair loss as Dr. Chaffoo pulls from his learning directly from pioneers in hair transplant surgery and his own experience treating patients.

Co-author board certified dermatologist Dr. Susan Stuart states, “Hair loss can be devastating for men and women. Many women who suffer from alopecia will finally discover that there is hope and effective treatments, regardless of the cause of hair loss.”

Reader who wish to experience this book can purchase “HAIR LOSS SOLUTIONS: The Ultimate Guide To Restoring Your Hairline” online at Proceeds from the sales of the book will be donated to the Advantage Autism non-profit organization.

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