Rhinoplasty San Diego

Surgeon: Dr. Richard Chaffoo
Procedures Performed: Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) case number 87

This 20-year-old woman had a nasal defect and airway obstruction that made it difficult for her to breathe through her nose. The large hump on her nose was also cosmetically unappealing, so she began looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon in San Diego to help reshape her nose to look and function better.

When she met with Dr. Richard Chaffoo, he did a thorough evaluation of her nose and asked her what she wanted to change. Since she had concerns about function as well as aesthetics, Dr. Chaffoo would be performing a septorhinoplasty, or nose surgery that involves modifying the septum (the internal divider in the nose). By altering the septum, Dr. Chaffoo could improve the airflow though her nose and reshape the outside of her nose in the process. Once this patient decided on how she wanted her nose to look, they set the time and date of her surgery.
This patient’s surgery went very well, and afterward, she was very happy with the results. The large hump on her nose had been streamlined to form a gentler slope. Also, Dr. Chaffoo narrowed the appearance of her nose, making her nose look more delicate. Overall, she was grateful that she can now breathe better than she had ever been able to before.

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