Sleeping Tips Following Breast Augmentation Surgery

Author: Dr. Richard Chaffoo
Sleeping tips after a breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most frequently requested cosmetic plastic surgery patients for women in San Diego and La Jolla. While much has been written about the technical details of this procedure, there seems to be little information to help guide patients during recovery—especially when it comes to helpful hints for sleeping after surgery.

Getting adequate sleep can be challenging for patients after breast augmentation surgery as it may be necessary to change their sleeping habits for a few weeks. Patients who undergo breast augmentation with implants at our practice near San Diego are given clear and detailed instructions to help them catch some zzz’s after surgery.

Why is sleep so important after breast enhancement surgery?

Here are several reasons why it’s vital to make yourself a priority after surgery and catch up on much needed sleep:

  • Sleep is essential for a healthy immune system; it affects healing and prevents infection.
  • Fatigue is common after surgery; ample rest will restore your energy level.
  • Sleep helps the body’s healing mechanisms by increasing blood flow to injured tissues and muscles.
  • Sleep can help reduce pain.

What are proper sleep positions during breast augmentation recovery?

In addition to wearing the proper bra when you turn in for the night (discussed in a separate blog post), here are some quick tips to help optimize your sleep and recovery after breast augmentation:

  • Sleep on your back for the first 2 weeks after surgery.
  • Sleep with your back slightly elevated as this reduces swelling and back aches. Extra pillows or a recliner can help.
  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach or sides as this may increase pain and swelling, and negatively affect the outcome of surgery because of increased pressure on the surgical sites.
  • Place pillows along your sides to support your arms and keep you from rolling over in your sleep.
  • Practice proper sleeping positions before surgery to make them a habit.

Don’t quit, it’s worth the effort. Visit my online photo gallery for before & after photos of some of my breast augmentation patients.

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Successful breast augmentation surgery depends upon many factors, not the least of which is carefully following postoperative instructions. These are provided by our pre-op RN when breast augmentation surgery is scheduled. However, our practice has a very hands-on approach and encourages patients to call or email us with questions before and after augmentation mammaplasty. We look forward to meeting you soon, so feel free to contact our practice for a complimentary cosmetic consultation using our online form or by calling  858-623-6333.

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