Technological Advances in CoolSculpting

Author: Dr. Richard Chaffoo
Coolsculpting with Dr. chaffoo in la jolla CA

CoolSculpting has become the most popular treatment for nonsurgical fat reduction in the United States.

Controlled cooling is delivered via an applicator to freeze the targeted fat cells within the subcutaneous tissue also referred to as “stubborn fat”.

It works by applying a suction applicator that draws up the skin and fat tissue into a cup that freeze the fat cells which are then destroyed naturally by the body resulting in a reduction in excess fat deposits within multiple areas of the body. The original applicators were relatively large and reserved for sizable areas on the abdomen and flanks. In addition, they contained cooling panels on two sides of the device which cooled the tissue for 60 minutes per session. The subsequent permanent fat reduction was about 20-25% in the targeted treatment area(s).

New technological advances in CoolSculpting have resulted in the creation of applicators that are different shapes and sizes which are designed to freeze unwanted fat cells to additional areas of the body including the chin and neck region.
Other areas which can now be successfully treated include the arms, bra fat, chest, inner thighs and outer thighs. These newly designed applicators, CoolAdvantage and CoolAdvantagePlus, freeze three dimensionally with about 30% more surface area treated then original applicators in half the time. These appear to be well tolerated by patients as the suction which is applied to the target areas is less intense and more comfortable.

CoolSculpting also has application in the management of contour deformities following poorly performed liposuction. While most liposuction cases are performed by board certified plastic surgeons, there are many cases we see in our practices with less than optimal outcomes. These are usually performed by non-plastic surgeons who have little knowledge of anatomy and even less surgical training. In such unfortunate cases, liposuction was performed too aggressively and superficially resulting in significant contour irregularities.

Further liposuction may be somewhat hazardous and unpredictable in these cases as deformities may be worsened. However, CoolSculpting is often an ideal alternative as it safely targets the superficial fat which can be gradually and conservatively eliminated over several sessions without the need for anesthesia and a prolonged recovery.

It is vital that prospective CoolSculpting patients seek out a practice which has an expertise and passion for this technology. Make certain that the physician who directs the CoolSculpting center is a board certified plastic surgeon. But just as important is the technician who actually applies the device and administers a treatment session.

Our practice has the benefit of  dedicated full-time certified CoolSculpting specialists. We have treated over 7,000 patients and performed well over 21,000 treatments being amongst the first and most experienced CoolSculpting centers in San Diego.

I am reminded of a quote by one of my plastic surgery professors: “Excellence is not by accident but by design.”

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