Breast Implant Options

If you are considering breast augmentation, you have many options when it comes to breast implants. San Diego and La Jolla women can trust triple board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo to share his experience and honest advice in helping them choose the right implants for their goals.

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Breast Augmentation Case 396

Dr. Richard Chaffoo

This 54 year old San Diego woman consulted with Dr. Chaffoo for revisionary breast surgery. She had previously undergone a bilateral breast augmentation and developed significant capsular contracture (hardening) around her implants. She desired smaller and newer implants and improved breast shape...

Breast Augmentation Case 148

Dr. Richard Chaffoo

This  is a 39-year-old female from San Diego who desired a fuller breast. She sought our San Diego's top plastic surgeon, Dr. Chaffoo for correction. Dr. Chaffoo performed a breast augmentation procedure with use of silicone implants. The patient recovered quickly and was very pleased wi...

Breast Augmentation Case 183

Dr. Richard Chaffoo

This 28-year-old woman had breast augmentation in San Diego with Dr. Richard Chaffoo. During the surgery, he placed 371 mL high-profile silicone gel breast implants through breast crease incisions (inframammary technique). 

Breast Augmentation Case 147

Dr. Richard Chaffoo

This is a 29-year-old San Diego female who was dissatisfied with her flat chest. She desired a more feminine figure with enhancement of both breasts. She met with San Diego breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo to find out about her options. At her consultation, she was able t...

Breast Augmentation Case 118

Dr. Richard Chaffoo

This is a 35 year old San Diego female who search online for an experienced plastic surgeon in San Diego. After several consultations, she had selected San Diego's elite plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard Chaffoo as her physician for breast enhancement surgery. During her consultation at...

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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Implant Material

The patients who visit Dr. Chaffoo for breast augmentation from San Diego and La Jolla can choose saline or silicone breast implants. Both types are FDA approved and each has its own benefits.

  • Saline implants are filled after they are inserted and therefore require very small incisions. The volume can be adjusted after the implants are placed, making them a flexible option. However, this type of implant is more likely to show wrinkling and rippling.
  • Silicone implants provide a soft, doughy texture that most patients say feels more like natural breast tissue. Dr. Chaffoo is proud to offer cohesive gel implants, which are often called "gummy bear" implants. These are the only 5th generation silicone gel implants approved by the FDA. This line provides an expanded selection of sizes and shapes, and studies have indicated that these implants may provide a superior level of safety and lower incidence of complications.

You may even be the perfect candidate for a surgical technique that was developed in Europe which uses your own breast tissue as a natural breast implant to lift and reshape without increasing either volume or cup size.

See how the Sientra implants retain their shape, even when placed under high pressure.

Other Choices

One of the most exciting aspects of breast augmentation is the degree of customization now possible. For many years, patients' choices were essentially limited to the size of implants they wanted. That's no longer true. Dr. Chaffoo can help you make informed decisions so you choose implants that match your personal aesthetic preferences.

Your breast implant options include:


This is a highly personal choice. Most of Dr. Chaffoo's patients want results that look natural, which means that the size of the breasts is in harmony with their bodies' frames. It's best not to have a specific size in mind that's based on the results a friend or family member achieved because the same size implants usually don't look the same on different patients. Dr. Chaffoo accounts for your existing breast tissue when determining implant size or fill volume (cc), helping you get the increased size that you want. Because bra cup size is not fully standardized, it's not a reliable measure of breast size.


Round implants tend to produce the best results for patients who desire enhanced cleavage and more fullness in the upper areas of the breasts. Recent studies have demonstrated that there is no advantage to the use of anatomic or "teardrop" shaped silicone implants over round implants. Round implants assume a teardrop shape when a patient is upright. Anatomic implants are also more expensive than round implants, and they have a higher rate of malposition, requiring revisionary surgery to correct the malrotation. A recent peer-reviewed journal article asked a group of board-certified plastic surgeons to review the photos of patients who had undergone breast augmentation surgery with silicone implants and indicate whether the implants were teardrop shaped or round. The conclusion of this study was that none of the surgeons could accurately determine which patients had anatomic implants versus round implants, as they look quite similar in appearance.


The silicone exterior of your implants may be smooth or textured. Textured shells tend to hold implants in place because they adhere to the breast tissue like Velcro®, making them preferable for implants placed above the muscle to minimize the risk of capsular contracture. On the other hand, the shell of textured implants may be slightly thicker than smooth implants, which can make it more difficult to camouflage the edge of the implants. Dr. Chaffoo thoroughly explains the benefits of each option.


An implant's profile and size should be considered together. When we talk about the profile of an implant, we're discussing its width and how much it projects from the chest. Wider implants have lower profiles (meaning they will be less noticeable when seen from the side.) Each implant size comes with different profiles, typically categorized as low, moderate, moderate plus, and high.


Getting the appropriate implant diameter is important because it helps ensure the implants are in harmony with your body's frame. The correct diameter fits your chest's width and reduces the chances that your breasts will extend too far out into your armpits.


Dr. Chaffoo

Triple board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo provides exceptional results and patient care.

  • Your Safety & Satisfaction

    Regardless of which implants you choose, you can be assured that Dr. Chaffoo has the training and experience to help you safely achieve the natural and lasting results that you desire. Dr. Chaffoo carefully chooses the implants he offers, selecting only products with superior warranties, longevity, and outstanding safety records. With all of the knowledge gained during your breast augmentation consultation, you will understand your options and be in the position to make an informed decision.

    You deserve the best care and results. Dr. Chaffoo demands the best — from himself and from his staff — so that your expectations will be exceeded.

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