Breast Augmentation Risks & Recovery

All surgeries carry some risk, and the same holds true for cosmetic surgery. While there is a potential for complications for the women who choose breast augmentation from San Diego and La Jolla, it is important to remember that the overall risk is fairly low. You can help minimize your individual risk of complications by choosing a highly qualified plastic surgeon like Richard Chaffoo, MD, FACS, FICS, who uses advanced surgical techniques.

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  • Potential Risks

    For the most in-depth information about complications and an assessment of your specific risk profile with breast augmentation, be sure to ask Dr. Chaffoo plenty of questions during your complimentary consultation. La Jolla and San Diego breast augmentation patients should be aware of the following possible complications:

    • Infection is uncommon and can be treated with antibiotics.
    • Capsular contracture is one of the more common complications of breast augmentation. When capsular contracture occurs, excessive scar tissue will develop and squeeze the implant, causing the breasts to become hard, visibly unbalanced and/or physically uncomfortable.
    • Loss of sensation is usually temporary and restricted to the nipple and skin.
    • Scarring can be concealed and minimized by a skilled surgeonm but the result will depend on many factors, such as incision method and an individual patient's skin type.
    • Wrinkling is more common with saline implants. The implant may appear to have a wrinkled texture on the upper portion of the breast when viewed from certain angles.
    • Asymmetry is usually not obvious as the human body is not perfectly symmetrical. As the implants settle into place following surgery, one may rest slightly higher or lower than the other.
    • Calcium deposits can develop several years after surgery and may make mammograms more difficult to perform.

    Each breast implant type has its own safety profile with unique physical characteristics that affect the chance of rupture or other complications. Studies show that the Sientra® Silimed® line of cohesive gel breast implants, now offered by Dr. Chaffoo, may have a lowered risk of complications. Ask Dr. Chaffoo about these newly available implants.

    There are other, more general risks that can be associated with surgery of any kind. Dr. Chaffoo will discuss these with you fully during your initial complimentary consultation.

    Prevention & Recovery

    You can go a long way toward preventing complications by following Dr. Chaffoo's recovery instructions, which may include:

    • Give yourself ample time to recover. Enjoy the opportunity to rest, sleep, and relax as much as you need.
    • Don't drink alcohol or smoke (for at least 2 weeks).
    • Don't drive (for about the first week).
    • Take antibiotics if they are prescribed.
    • Sleep on your back (for the first week).
    • Avoid heavy lifting, raising your arms above your head, or strenuous exercise for about 3 weeks.
    • Wear a support bra if one is given to you (for about a month).

    In addition to these guidelines, be sure to follow all of Dr. Chaffoo's post-surgical instructions very carefully. By being a good patient, you are actively participating in the success of your breast augmentation.