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Open MagazineWhen a woman is dissatisfied with the size, shape or consistency of her breasts it can be difficult to feel attractive and feminine. Pregnancy, the effects of age or even weight loss can leave breasts smaller or less firm than before. For many women, breast augmentation can offer the desired natural looking fullness, which can in turn help them enjoy life with self-assured confidence.

Case Study

After 18 years of having breast implants, Kaneta was noticing some deflating in her right saline implant. Since receiving the original augmentation, she has experienced an active lifestyle, childbirth and the natural loosening of skin that comes with age. According to triple board certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo of La Jolla Plastic Surgery & Dermatology™, that is not that unusual as there is a deflation rate of 1-2% per year for many older implants.

There has been some chatter that early silicone implants were associated with many autoimmune diseases or even breast cancer, but Dr. Chaffoo sites that a multitude of credible sources, including the FDA, have not found an association. Based on these findings, silicone implants have been re-released onto the market, but now with better technology. The shells are now sturdier and the material on the inside is not a liquid, rather a gel-like substance that Dr. Chaffoo affectionately calls gummy bears.

If you want to completely avoid silicone, Dr. Chaffoo recommends styling away from implants all together, as even the saline versions have a silicone shell. He also points out that for any foreign material, the body knows that it does not belong and covers it in a scar tissue, which actually offers a form of insulation. That way, in the unlikely event that an older implant actually leaks, the scar tissue acts as a buffer.

Sizing Up

Dr. Chaffoo also points out that there are no standardized cup sizes in the medical field, as the industry goes by CCs for implants, versus an alphabetical ranking. There are different styles and base widths for implants, not to mention different composites, and what looks good on one woman would look totally different on another.

When asked about the process of breast augmentation, Dr. Chaffoo said, “To pick a breast size, I first get a feel for what the patient thinks is attractive. What their concept of beauty is using photos of other women with a similar body type as reference. We also introduce sizers in a bra to try on a larger size and get a feel for what such an increase will be like.”

He continues, “At the time of the surgery, I make an incision either around the nipple or in the breast fold and a sterile spacer is put in place to get a better idea of what the augmentation will look like. In the case of a woman with little soft tissue to begin with, the implants are placed under the muscle, versus on top. This provides a more natural looking blend and offers less hardening of the capsule, but does require a different level of recovery.”

“Plastic Surgery is all about the details where millimeters count as you strive to get the BEST outcome for each patient.”

Choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery is an exciting, but serious decision. It’s important for a woman to feel comfortable and confident about the choice, so Dr. Chaffoo suggests looking for a plastic surgeon who not only does breast augmentations but who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He also suggests making sure that the doctor has privileges at local hospitals in the remote event that a complication develops during outpatient surgery.

Great Results

In Kaneta’s case, her replacement surgery went well. She has completely healed and her new implants have given her a renewed sense of confidence!

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