Neck Lift Case #39

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This woman in her early 30s didn't like the appearance of her neck, especially just below her chin. Concerned about looking like she had a "double chin," she started researching surgical options to improve her profile. After finding several centers for plastic surgery in San Diego she found Dr. Chaffoo and learned about his facial liposuction procedures. By using only a small incision underneath her chin, Dr. Chaffoo could suction out the fatty deposits beneath her chin and add definition to her profile.

During her consultation, she and Dr. Chaffoo discussed the specifics of her procedure including where he would make the incision and how much fat he would remove. He would treat her neck and jaw line evenly to ensure a smooth and natural-looking result. The procedure would take very little time to complete and she would have little to no downtime following her surgery.

Her "after" photos show the subtle, but effective improvement after her liposuction in San Diego. Her neck is well-defined, making her look younger and thinner. She was thrilled with the results of her surgery and was happy she chose Dr. Chaffoo to perform her liposuction.

Surgeon: Dr. Richard Chaffoo

Procedures Performed
  • Facial Liposuction
  • Neck Lift
Gender: Female