Post Operative Care

It’s not simply the care you receive prior to your body contouring or facial sculpting procedure — such as receiving detailed, written pre-operative instructions at the time your surgery is scheduled — that sets Dr. Richard Chaffoo’s office apart from other La Jolla and San Diego cosmetic plastic surgery practices; it’s also his absolute commitment to your full and speedy recovery, as well. Following surgery, Dr. Chaffoo’s experienced nursing staff will carefully monitor you.

Additionally, you will be provided with detailed, easy-to-understand post-operative instructions to take with you as you continue your recovery at home. Overnight stay facilities are available for patients who live outside the area or who want private and personalized care in a licensed facility. Your Patient Coordinator will work with you to schedule periodic appointments with Dr. Chaffoo to ensure a smooth, timely recovery.

If you haven’t yet scheduled a plastic surgery procedure, but live Temecula, Riverside, or San Diego and are considering cosmetic surgery, plastic surgeon Richard Chaffoo, MD, FACS, FICS can help. He has an office conveniently located close to you on Genesee Avenue in La Jolla on the Scripps Memorial Hospital Campus at the Ximed Medical Center.  Request a complimentary cosmetic consultation  or call (800) 373-4773 for an appointment.

You demand the best from yourself. Dr. Chaffoo demands the best as well — from himself, from his staff and always for you.