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Here in image-conscious La Jolla and San Diego, breast enhancement surgery is something that a lot of women have either had or contemplate having done. If you’re thinking about either breast implants, a breast lift or breast reduction, you most likely have thought about it for a while and you probably wonder how life might be different:

  • A study conducted by the University of Florida’s College of Nursing and released in an issue of Plastic Surgical Nursing reports that when it comes to breast augmentation (augmentation mammaplasty), bigger really is better. Women in the study experienced improvements in self-esteem, sexual desire, arousal and satisfaction.
  • A study performed at the Laboratoire de Psychologie Clinique et Sociale de l’Universite de Bourgogne reports similar findings for women who elect breast reduction (reduction mammaplasty), with improvements being seen in their quality of life including improved sleep, less pain and anxiety, and greater satisfaction in their relationships.

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Breast Augmentation

Dr. Chaffoo helps determine if you are a good candidate for liposuction at a private consultation by listening to your cosmetic goals and completing a thorough physical examination. If Dr. Chaffoo determines liposuction is the best option for you, he will then decide which technique will best suit your needs. The most common method he uses for San Diego-area patients is called tumescent liposuction, which Dr. Chaffoo performs using general anesthesia.

Breast Lift

If you’re considering a body contouring procedure such as liposuction, Dr. Chaffoo can help. He has an office conveniently located on Genesee Avenue in La Jolla on the Scripps Memorial Hospital Campus at the Ximed Medical Center.

Breast Implant Options

This technique involves the injection of a saline solution that includes an anesthetic to numb the area being treated, limit bleeding, and saturate the fatty tissue. Tumescent means swollen and firm, and the swollen fatty tissue is easier to break up and suction from the body. A thin, hollow tube called a cannula, inserted through a tiny incision, is used to remove the fat.

Breast Reduction

You’re here for a reason; you want help. Dr. Chaffoo is here for a reason, as well; he can help. Take back your life, and put an end to the physical and psychological pain once and for all. Take a moment now to learn how, for many insurance companies, breast reduction is considered a medical necessity, and how they will sometimes reimburse you for the cost of your procedure.

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Natural, more youthful looking breasts aren’t necessarily a product of good genes. Sometimes they’re the result of a simple cosmetic surgical procedure. Here in La Jolla and San Diego, breast enhancement doesn’t have to mean a lot of downtime or discomfort, physical or financial. Get the facts now on breast enhancement. To learn about breast enhancement, ” request your complimentary cosmetic consultation  online or call (800) 373-4773 for an appointment with triple board certified plastic surgeon Richard Chaffoo, MD, FACS, FICS.