How to Pick Your “Cosmetic Surgeon”

Filler Woman

The single most important decision a patient makes when deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery is the choice of your “cosmetic surgeon”. Unfortunately, almost any licensed physician (or dentist in some states) can perform cosmetic surgery in his office without any formal training. Medical boards have little jurisdiction over office based […]

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Hair Apparent

Male Pattern Baldness is genetic, and men who want to fight it often have to endure painful, timely and expensive procedures. There are a number of different ways to perform hair-replacement surgery, but many can yield unsightly scars and poor results. “What we’re doing now is game-changing technology,” says board certified plastic surgeon Richard […]

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Breast Lift With Own Tissue

breast cancer model

As women age and/or following multiple pregnancies and breast feeding, the breasts begin to age prematurely and sag. The breast shape changes and looses its fullness, especially in the upper pole. Women notice a loss of the youthful perkiness to the breast shape and position. We have developed a technique […]

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Aesthetic Eyelid Surgery

One of the first signs of facial aging occurs in the region around the eyes called the periorbital area. The eyebrows begin to drop causing a flattening of the normal graceful curvature of the eyebrows seen in the youthful female brow. In addition, wrinkles and furrows develop in the forehead as […]

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Shape Magazine Article

You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Comfort For Style. Take A Look At These Current Fashion Trends And Find Out How To Avoid Their Looming Injuries? High Heels High stilettos make us look sexy, but they can cause a lot of damage too. You can easily sprain an ankle or develop […]

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Breast Cancer Survivors Feel “Selfish” About Reconstructive Surgery

Less than one-fifth of American women who undergo mastectomy currently choose to undergo breast reconstruction. Dr. Melinda Musgrave, a plastic surgeon at St. Michael’s Hospital who revealed findings that in Canada the number is as low as 7%, is determined to find out why this occurs. “Reconstruction has a very positive […]

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Is Technology Giving Us Wrinkles?

Can Our Favorite Gadgets Be Making Us Look Older? Plastic surgeons said they are seeing younger patients coming in for Botox to get rid of wrinkles. Some doctors said the wrinkles are caused by constant squinting and facial muscle use associated with technology use. We’ve just become more connected, and […]

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Did Heidi Montag’s Plastic Surgery Go Too Far?

Was reality TV star Heidi Montag’s decision to have 10 cosmetic procedures in one day a sign, as some tabloids claim, of her low self-esteem and addiction to plastic surgery? Or was it a brilliant PR move to land her on the cover of People and launch her singing career? […]

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Brow Lift

One of the early signs of facial aging occurs in the forehead and eyebrow region. The forehead begins to develop lines or wrinkles transversely above the eyebrows and vertically between the eyebrows. In addition, the eyebrows begin to drop down above the bony orbital rims, crowding the upper eyelids. The […]

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