Aesthetic Eyelid Surgery

One of the first signs of facial aging occurs in the region around the eyes called the periorbital area. The eyebrows begin to drop causing a flattening of the normal graceful curvature of the eyebrows seen in the youthful female brow. In addition, wrinkles and furrows develop in the forehead as the forehead skin descends with the eyebrows creating a hooded or sad appearance to the upper third of the face. The upper eyelid skin often begins to drape over the eyelashes obliterating the normal crease in the eyelid. Women often notice an inability to properly apply mascara with smudging and loss of eyelid definition. The lower eyelids will also show signs of facial aging including puffiness of the skin due to herniation of fat deposits into the skin, drooping of the skin, and the development of wrinkles.

Utilizing the latest facial plastic surgery procedures, I am able to correct the myriad signs of facial aging by targeting the anatomic deformities with specially designed surgical techniques. The eyebrows can be repositioned through an endoscope browlift performed through small incisions hidden in the natural hairline. Excess fat and skin is removed from the aging upper eyelid through incisions hidden in the natural crease or fold of the upper eyelid leaving an often unnoticeable scar. The lower eyelid is rejuvenated by removing the excess fat deposits often through an incision inside the lower eyelid or along the eyelash margin where eyeliner is normally applied. Extra skin can be easily removed from the lower eyelid and fine lines and wrinkles reduced with the assistance of new laser technology.

Post-operative recovery is often quite abbreviated with bruising lasting about one week. Eyelid sutures are removed several days after surgery and make-up can often be applied within 7-10 days after surgery. Patients often describe that eyelid rejuvenation results in a refreshed and revitalized appearance to the upper and middle thirds of the face. The results are usually natural with friends and family often quite unaware that cosmetic surgery has occurred.

To learn more about Aesthetic Eyelid Surgery or the many new and exciting facial plastic surgery procedures, call to schedule your plastic surgery consultation today.

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