Breast Augmentation a Top Choice for San Diego Plastic Surgery Patients

In San Diego, breast augmentation procedures continue to be highly popular at the practice of acclaimed plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo, despite the economic downturn. He attributes the continued interest in breast enhancement to the many advantages these procedures can offer.

San Diego, California (June 2009) – Nationwide, breast augmentation ranks a close second in popularity behind liposuction, but for many San Diego plastic surgery patients, breast enhancements such as breast augmentation and breast lift are in higher demand than any other cosmetic surgical procedure. Dr. Richard Chaffoo, a triple-board-certified, award-winning plastic surgeon specializing in complex facial procedures as well as breast enhancements, says that for many women breast augmentation offers significant personal advantages that no other procedures can quite match.

Dr. Chaffoo explains, “San Diego breast augmentation takes precedence over other popular procedures like liposuction for many women simply because it can have such a dramatic impact on a woman’s self-image. Breast size can influence how confident a woman feels, which can directly impact areas ranging from job performance to relationships. For many women, this is a quality-of-life decision. And the value pricing I currently offer on breast augmentation makes the decision that much easier.”

Dr. Chaffoo provides patient education about both the risks and benefits of breast augmentation – an important reason why breast enhancement procedures at his practice remain in such high demand. Recent well-publicized clinical studies cite enhanced self-esteem, improved body image, a more satisfying sex life, and a better sense of general wellbeing as some of the more common benefits linked to breast augmentation.

“Like any San Diego cosmetic surgery procedure, breast enhancement requires careful consideration, but I think that for this procedure especially, the benefits typically outweigh any potential concerns by a large margin,” Dr. Chaffoo says. “Facial and body rejuvenation procedures can dramatically enhance how young and energetic a person appears, but breast augmentation offers a way for a woman to enhance how feminine she looks to others – and to herself – in a way that’s truly unique.”

For many of the plastic surgery candidates who meet with Dr. Chaffoo, he says, the recent growth in new implant options and cosmetic surgery technologies is also a strong deciding factor for women who had been delaying plastic surgery. Specifically, new San Diego surgical techniques that shorten recovery can often help allay worries about the surgical process itself, he says.

“At my practice, patients have always expected a high standard of care,” notes Dr. Chaffoo. “My breast enhancement patients in particular can expect results that both look and feel very natural. Women today are much better informed about their options, and they understand the importance of having their surgery from a board-certified plastic surgeon. I find that many new patients feel more prepared to choose their surgeon wisely and set healthy expectations – and both of those factors are always key to high-quality results.”

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