Breast Lift With Own Tissue

As women age and/or following multiple pregnancies and breast feeding, the breasts begin to age prematurely and sag. The breast shape changes and looses its fullness, especially in the upper pole. Women notice a loss of the youthful perkiness to the breast shape and position. We have developed a technique to lift the breast and restore its youthful shape and contour without the need for a breast implant in selected patients.

If adequate breast tissue is present, it is possible to use that tissue as a “natural implant” to increase projection of the breast and nipple and create more fullness in the upper pole of the breast above the nipple. The procedure involves a “lollipop” incision which extends around the new areola which is reduced in size and an extension from the base of the new areola to the lower breast fold or crease. The loose or extra breast skin is removed and the central mound of natural breast tissue is repositioned above the areola to lift the nipple and create a fuller, rounder, and more youthful breast shape and contour. Absorbable sutures are used and drains are avoided. Recovery is relatively short and the change in breast shape is immediate and often quite dramatic.

This aesthetic breast surgical procedure is one of a multitude of surgical options utilized in breast and body contouring options for patients who select a San Diego plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the largest plastic surgery specialty society in the world.

If you think you are a candidate for a breast lift utilizing your own tissue, please call me to schedule your cosmetic consultation and breast lift evaluation today.

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