Brow Lift

One of the early signs of facial aging occurs in the forehead and eyebrow region. The forehead begins to develop lines or wrinkles transversely above the eyebrows and vertically between the eyebrows. In addition, the eyebrows begin to drop down above the bony orbital rims, crowding the upper eyelids. The result is an aged or tired appearance to the upper third of the face. Patients often state that friends and family members will ask if they have slept well recently or are feeling tired or ill. Occasionally, the face takes on an angry or upset appearance based upon the ptosis (droop) of the eyebrows.

Plastic surgeons have a number of surgical techniques which are available to rejuvenate the forehead and eyebrow areas. These procedures preserve and respect the patients hairline with resultant scars that are virtually undetectable in most patients. Often, the forehead can be rejuvenated and the eyebrows repositioned with the aid of endoscopic technology using surgical cameras and delicate instruments from small incisions behind the hairline. On occasion, it may be necessary to create a more lengthy incision but plastic surgical techniques still make the ultimate scar lines quite cosmetic in appearance.

Recovery is accelerated with this new technology and numbness as well as bruising significantly reduced. Patients are often able to return to professional and social activities in a few weeks. While patients will notice a significant revitalization of the forehead and eyebrows. friends and family may only remark at how well rested one appears as if you have been on a much needed vacation.

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