Surgeon’s Warning to Jen: Stop Having Plastic Surgery

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Friends and experts worry that Jen is about to ruin her appearance

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Jennifer Aniston in Magazine ArticleKnown for her beachy California style, Jennifer Aniston is one of Hollywood’s most natural-looking beauties. But the 41-year-old actress, who has admitted to a nose job and getting Botox, is rumored to also have had breast augmentation. A published report now claims that Jen is considering a face-lift, a brow lift and futher breast augmentation. Jen’s rep denies that the star has had breast augmentation or is considering other procedures, but Jen admits, “Those lines are getting deeper every day.” Friends are concerned: Would further surgery ruin Jen’s natural appearance?

Under the knife

“Jennifer has very natural, wholesome beauty, which is much of her appeal,” says Dr. Richard Chaffoo, a triple-board-certified plastic surgeon based in La Jolla, Calif. “The nasal surgery simply softened the appearance of her nose, giving it more definition and making it appear more feminine. It doesn’t look operated on or cosmetic.”

And while Dr. Chaffoo suspects that Jen’s undergone breast augmentation, any difference is so subtle, some may assume it’s just a boost from a good bra.

“Great plastic surgery creates a natural, unoperated-on appearance,” says Dr. Chaffoo. “Friends may remark only that you look rested or have lost weight.”

Stars With Too Much Plastic Surgery

Going too far?

Even when done well, though, too much plastic surgery can make someone look bizarre rather than younger. “You lose the natural look in your face,” says Dr. Chaffoo. “It becomes distorted and disproportionate. The hairline and brows can become distored or raised and lose symmetry. The face can take on a startled look.”

If Jennifer is considering a face-lift and brow lift – or even just an injectable like Botox or a filler like Restylane – Dr. Chaffoo suggests that she reconsider. “She’s relatively young to consider such a variety of cosmetic procedures, especially because she looks quite youthful. A face-lift, brow lift or fillers would impart an unnatural appearance.”

Dr. Ayham Al-Ayoubi, medical director of the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic, agrees. “Jennifer is at a turning point,” he told Look magazine. “Any more treatment will ruin her natural beauty. She looks beautiful at the moment. But if she has more work, the public will start to notice.”

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