Many Affordable San Diego Breast Augmentation Options Available

Dr. Richard Chaffoo says that women can secure affordable financing and special pricing for breast augmentation, but should not overlook other important considerations such as certifications, experience, and rapport with a surgeon.

La Jolla, California (November 2009) – The time is right for women to choose a La Jolla / San Diego breast enhancement procedure, as affordable financing and special pricing are making these procedures more accessible. However, triple board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo says that cost is only one factor in a very personal decision that should be made carefully.

Money talks. Many women would like to visit a plastic surgeon for San Diego breast augmentation but have decided to wait due to financial constraints. Surgeons like Dr. Chaffoo understand these realities and are making this popular procedure more affordable with special pricing. Additionally, several healthcare financing companies are helping patients by offering low to no interest financing. CareCredit® is currently offering 0% interest financing to qualified patients for up to 12 months.

Sign me up! But, Dr. Chaffoo urges women who are considering San Diego plastic surgery to use caution. “While special prices and affordable financing can make breast augmentation more appealing to many women, patients need to remind themselves that breast augmentation is first and foremost a surgical procedure,” he explains. “It is especially important to use sound judgment and caution when choosing a surgeon because doctors who perform cosmetic surgery are not required by law to have plastic surgery training.”

Evaluate your doctor. When choosing a surgeon, make sure he/she is certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). This is the only recognized board to certify surgeons in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the entire body, including the face. Additionally, make sure your surgeon is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The ASPS is the oldest and largest organization of board-certified plastic surgeons in the world. Member surgeons have more than 6 years of surgical training and experience, with at least 3 years specifically in plastic surgery.

Experience counts. It’s important to find out how many times your surgeon has performed breast enhancement procedures and how many years he/she has been in practice. Dr. Chaffoo notes, “Plastic surgeons who perform a procedure like breast augmentation regularly have experienced the variations, subtleties, and technical challenges which make for a seasoned specialist.”

Can we talk? “Because breast augmentation is a highly personal procedure, it’s important that you can talk openly with your surgeon,” Dr. Chaffoo observes. “If you believe that your surgeon understands what you want and don’t want, and is willing to listen to you, your experience and your results can be that much better.”

“While financial incentives can attract someone to a particular plastic surgeon,” says Dr. Chaffoo, “it is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to make sure that the surgeon they choose is the right one for the job. Finding a highly-qualified surgeon with whom you feel comfortable can lead to a successful and satisfying outcome.”

“Also, be sure to ask your surgeon about the local accredited inpatient hospitals he or she has privileges in. This becomes important if any complications arise after your surgery that require admission to a local hospital,” adds Dr. Chaffoo. “If your surgeon has no privileges to admit you, then you will need to find another plastic surgeon to care for you who is on the staff of such a hospital.”

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