More Patients Seeking Natural Looking Breasts From Plastic Surgery in San Diego

Dr. Richard Chaffoo, a board-certified plastic surgeon, is seeing an increasing number of women interested in natural looking breasts at his plastic surgery practice in San Diego.

La Jolla, California (June 2011) – Dr. Richard Chaffoo, a triple board-certified plastic surgeon, is noticing a rise in the number of women requesting natural looking breasts at his plastic surgery practice in San Diego. He is helping women to determine the right procedure to fit their body types and cosmetic goals with the range of options available at his practice.

“Women who are unsatisfied with their breasts often turn to plastic surgeons for breast enhancement,” notes Dr. Chaffoo. “More women are finding that bigger isn’t always better, opting for natural looking breast enhancement. This trend marks a natural progression towards results that seamlessly blend with the contours of a woman’s body.”

Dr. Chaffoo remarks that there are a number of options aside from  breast augmentation in San Diego  for women interested in breast enhancement. Of the many options available at his plastic surgery practice, breast lifts are quickly gaining popularity among women. This surgery is an excellent solution for women that have noticed the effects of gravity, breastfeeding, and aging on their breasts, and wish for a natural looking solution.

“Women interested in breast enhancement procedures should explore all of their options before making a decision,” says Dr. Chaffoo. “After coming in for a consultation, many women find that they do not wish to augment the size of their breasts, but simply want a breast lift. This procedure can help women restore the shape of their breasts for a more natural look. Depending on the desired results, procedures are easily personalized to fit the goals of each person.”

Although breast lift surgery can effectively change the shape of a person’s breasts, sometimes women choose breast augmentation to change the size of their breasts to enhance the contours of their bodies. Dr. Chaffoo says that one of the keys to achieving natural looking breasts with breast augmentation is through the proper choice of  breast implants in San Diego.

“Regardless of the surgery one chooses, it’s important to consider all of your options when thinking over a plastic surgery procedure,” notes Dr. Chaffoo. “Many women believe that silicone implants provide a more natural feel, but there are a number of ways to alter saline implants through the implant shape and texture of the shell to also give a natural feel and look. Women asking for natural looking breast enhancement have a number of cosmetic procedures to choose from, and ways to personalize each of those options.”

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