New Hair Transplant Technique Creates Better Results in Less Time

Dr. Richard Chaffoo, a triple-board-certified plastic surgeon in San Diego and hair transplant specialist in San Diego, offers the minimally invasive NeoGraft treatment for hair restoration because it avoids scars, reduces recovery and saves patients time, among other benefits.

La Jolla, California (March 2013) – Men and women interested in hair transplant solutions in San Diego can now receive better results with a shorter treatment time and a faster recovery. This achievement is made possible by the NeoGraft™ automated hair transplant system at La Jolla Hair Surgery Center (, the practice of Dr. Richard Chaffoo. This is the only hair replacement surgery facility in San Diego County under the direction of a board-certified plastic surgeon.

NeoGraft uses a mechanical follicular unit extraction (FUE) method, with pneumatic pressure for the removal and implantation of hair shafts. Unlike alternative methods such as the “strip method,” NeoGraft doesn’t involve sutures or staples. There is no noticeable scar and no thinning of hair in the donor area.

“Patients shouldn’t have to make sacrifices when it comes to recovery time or natural-looking results for hair restoration,” says San Diego-based plastic surgeon Dr. Chaffoo.

“NeoGraft changes the way people think about hair transplant surgery. Similar to the benefits patients experienced with the invention of endoscopic surgery, men and women now have an effective hair restoration treatment that involves a shorter and easier recovery – without scars.”

For the first time, patients don’t have to worry about depleting the donor area during the procedure. NeoGraft provides a safe and effective way to restore hair and, in the process, leaves the option open for future hair transplants open for the patient.

The advanced “no touch” method eliminates trauma and excess manipulation of hair follicles. NeoGraft preserves hair follicles and requires less time than what is typically needed for the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) method.

“The efficiency coupled with minimal invasion provides a time benefit on two fronts,” says Dr. Chaffoo. “First, the procedure can be completed relatively quickly. Second, a minimally invasive procedure maximally preserves hair follicles, avoids scars, and reduces recovery time. Simply put, patients can go back to work or resume other activities sooner. When they return to work, no one can tell something has been done.”

La Jolla Hair Surgery Center is the only hair replacement facility in San Diego County under the direction of a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Certification from The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) ensures that a surgeon is uniquely qualified to perform every type of cosmetic surgery, including hair replacement surgery. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Chaffoo understands how to create long-lasting results for a wide range of patients.

“The most important decision a patient can make is the surgeon they choose for the cosmetic procedure, especially hair replacement surgery as it is a permanent change in one’s appearance. Board certified plastic surgeons are uniquely qualified to perform all types of cosmetic surgery.” says Dr. Chaffoo. “NeoGraft innovative technique restores hair with transplanted follicles that will continue to grow throughout a person’s lifetime without the downside of a permanent scar. For the first time, hair restoration patients can make permanent investments in their appearances without the compromise of a donor scar on the back or side of the head.”

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