San Diego Rhinoplasty Specialist Publishes Real Patient Photos

Richard Chaffoo, MD, FACS, FICS is a triple board certified plastic surgeon known for facial, body and breast enhancement procedures. He recently posted many new patient before and after photos to his Web site to help educate site visitors.

La Jolla, California (October 2010) – For  San Diego rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo recently posted new before and after photos to his Web site featuring patients who had nose surgery and other cosmetic enhancements. He now has over 100 patient cases displayed on his Web site, with many more available for people who come to his office for a consultation.

“It’s important to me for prospective patients to see the results of my work for themselves,” says Dr. Chaffoo. “I like to let the pictures speak for themselves. With the before and after photos on my site, visitors can identify with a featured patient who had a similar problem or issue.”

Dr. Chaffoo’s Web visitors can view a broad range of patients who have chosen breast, body and facial enhancements. Visitors simply click on the “Photo Gallery” button in the main navigation, and click on the procedure they wish to view. In addition, Dr. Chaffoo also has a significant amount of information regarding each procedure under the “Cosmetic Surgery” section of his Web site so that visitors get the critical information they need about procedures that interest them.

“People who are considering a San Diego plastic surgery procedure should carefully look at before and after pictures from the surgeon,” explains Dr. Chaffoo. “When you’re looking at patient photos – especially if you’ve taken the time to look at dozens of them – you’ll have a pretty clear idea of the results you want to see for yourself.”

The additional rhinoplasty cases recently added join photos for many other facial cosmetic procedures, including  San Diego eyelid surgery  and brow lifts. Results following facial cosmetic surgery can be particularly striking, making these photos some of the most-viewed in Dr. Chaffoo’s gallery.

In addition to facial enhancement photos, Dr. Chaffoo has also posted several new breast enhancement cases, including photos of patients who’ve had breast augmentation and breast reduction. As with all his photos, these new photos are particularly helpful because they provide surgical details on each case, including patient age, type of procedure performed, and information about the recovery period.

“I hope that by looking at these new cases and some of the other cases in my gallery, prospective patients will get a better sense of who I am as a surgeon and whether I’m a good match for them,” says Dr. Chaffoo.

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