Transgender Surgery

It's natural to want your appearance to reflect the person you are inside. If you are considering transgender surgery, San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo offers advanced surgical skills, as well as acceptance, compassion, and support. He understands that feeling comfortable in your body is an essential step towards living life to the fullest.

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While female hormones can produce mild to moderate breast development, most male to female (MTF) patients require breast augmentation to attain full, feminine breasts larger than an A cup.

The procedure is performed in much the same way as with female patients where saline or silicone gel breast implants are placed under existing breast tissue, usually below the chest muscles. Incisions can usually be concealed around the areolas or in the crease beneath the breasts. Dr. Chaffoo will help you determine which implant size and incision placement will best help you attain your aesthetic goals.

Other Procedures

Because attaining a feminine or masculine look depends on more than the chest, many cosmetic procedures can be customized to enhance more feminine or masculine traits. Transgender patients can benefit from procedures like:

  • Rhinoplasty can sculpt the nose to provide a strong, straight masculine shape or short, curved feminine shape.
  • Liposuction can provide body contouring by reducing fat in areas like the waist and abdomen.
  • Eyelid surgery can enhance femininity with deep, well-defined eyelids or a smaller, more masculine eye shape.
  • Laser hair removal in our Medical Spa can effectively reduce or eliminate unwanted hair from the face and most other areas of the body, including the abdomen, chest, and legs.

Note that Dr. Chaffoo refers patients who desire genital reconstruction surgery (bottom surgery) to a trusted colleague who specializes in these procedures.

If you're considering transgender plastic surgery, triple board-certified plastic surgeon Richard Chaffoo, MD, FACS, FICS can help. He has an office conveniently located close to you on Genesee Avenue in La Jolla on the Scripps Memorial Hospital Campus at the Ximed Medical Center. Request your complimentary cosmetic consultation online or call (858) 623-6333 for an appointment.

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