Surgeon’s Warning to Jen: Stop Having Plastic Surgery

Friends and Experts Worry That Jen Is About to Ruin Her Appearance Known for her beachy California style, Jennifer Aniston is one of Hollywood’s most natural-looking beauties. But the 41-year-old actress, who has admitted to a nose job and getting Botox, is rumored to also have had breast augmentation. A published report now […]

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Breast Intentions: Jessica Simpson’s New Look

breast cancer model

It’s possible Jessica Simpson found a really great push-up bra. But the way-boosted bust the double-D starlet revealed in Santa Monica on Jan. 13 appeared to have a lot more help! “It looks like she had a breast augmentation,” La Jolla, Calif., plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo tells Star.

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Plastic Surgery Increasingly is a Couples Activity

When One Has Work Done, The Partner May Say, ‘Looks Good, Babe. Maybe I’Ll …’ When Margaret first met her boyfriend, she weighed 105 pounds and wore short crop tops. But after 13 years together, the 55-year-old retiree from Torrance developed a “muffin top” that she just couldn’t eliminate. So […]

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Liposuction & Lipocontouring

Plastic surgeons have refined techniques to re-contour the face and body with the removal of unwanted and excess fat through liposuction. Older methods have been replaced with newer instrumentation allowing the plastic surgeon to sculpture the human form in a more precise and controlled manner to create consistently superior aesthetic […]

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Advances in Rhinoplasty

Can Our Favorite Gadgets Be Making Us Look Older? The goal of aesthetic nasal surgery, nose job, or Rhinoplasty is to achieve a result that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The nose should be sculpted to harmonize with remaining facial features and restore balance to the face, often accentuating a patient’s […]

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Everyone Wants Jessica’s Lips

Jessica Biel’s pout is a fave in Orange County. Why? “Her full, wide mouth is in proportion to the width of her eyes,” explains Southern California plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo. “Fillers at the corners of the lips can create a wider smile.”

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Surgeon Launches Updated Web Site for Plastic Surgery Patients in San Diego

Offering plastic surgery for San Diego and Temecula residents, Dr. Richard Chaffoo is a triple board certified plastic surgeon. His updated Web site contains even more information on cosmetic options and shares stories from real patients of the practice. La Jolla, California (June 19, 2008) – Richard Chaffoo, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S., […]

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La Jolla Plastic Surgeon Garners Accolades

Dr. Chaffoo

Dr. Richard Chaffoo, a triple board certified plastic surgeon in La Jolla, California, has recently received a series of honors recognizing his work in the field of plastic surgery, including two prestigious appointments within the plastic surgery community. San Diego, California (February 2009) – Local plastic surgeons recently honored one of their […]

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