Thinning hair can undermine the self-esteem of even the most confident men. For women, hair loss can be devastating. Fortunately, at Dr. Richard Chaffoo's La Jolla practice, there is a safe, advanced, minimally invasive alternative to the outdated hair restoration or transplant techniques that many San Diego clinics still offer.

NeoGraft is a breakthrough process that automates the latest techniques in hair transplantation, resulting in a less costly procedure that is more effective than "strip" hair transplant surgery. Even better, the recovery time is shorter because it is a minimally invasive method that doesn't leave a linear scar.

Dr. Chaffoo is the only triple board-certified plastic surgeon offering hair replacement with NeoGraft in San Diego. At his dedicated Hair Surgery Center, he and his highly trained and experienced team achieve optimal, natural-looking results with this technology.

As the only physician board-certified in plastic surgery in San Diego who directs a hair surgery practice, Dr. Chaffoo for years has been the choice of patients seeking quality hair restoration. We can help you, too. Please  request a consultation  online, or call (858) 623-6333 to schedule an appointment.

How It Works

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is the newest method of hair transplantation. It takes hair grafts from the back of the head (where hair is genetically programmed not to fall out) so they can be placed in thinning or balding areas. Compared to the more common "strip" or follicular unit transplantation (FUT) surgery, the FUE procedure maximizes the use of the finite amount of donor hair available. FUE can be performed with local anesthetic and results in little bleeding.

When performed manually, FUE can be a time-consuming, tedious and expensive process. It can also be a difficult procedure for physicians to master, so most continue to rely on the faster "strip" method. The drawback with both manual FUE and the strip method is that they require extensive handling of the grafts, and the survival rate of donor grafts decreases the more they are handled. The NeoGraft device eliminates the problems associated with manual FUE hair restoration. It makes the process simpler, quicker and more effective than either manual FUE or "strip" surgery, leading to the best possible aesthetic result.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon, Dr Richard Chaffoo


Dr. Chaffoo

Triple board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo provides exceptional results and patient care.

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Why Choose Neograft?

  • No linear scar such as the one left by "strip" hair transplantation. You can wear your hair short or long.
  • No sutures or staples.
  • Minimal manipulation of donor hair grafts, resulting in a high survival rate.
  • Brief recovery time.
  • Less expensive than manual transplant method.

Why Choose La Jolla Hair Surgery Center?

Successful hair restoration surgery requires selecting a plastic surgeon with the special training and experience necessary to get excellent results. Dr. Chaffoo, the director of the center, possesses the credentials you should look for when choosing a hair transplant surgeon. Unlike many doctors who offer hair transplants, only a select few plastic surgeons have the experience and specific training to truly be called a hair restoration surgical specialist. Learn what to expect during the process of planning and undergoing hair restoration surgery with Dr. Chaffoo.

Our Hair Surgery Center also includes board-certified dermatologist Dr. Susan Stuart, who has the training and experience needed to diagnose and treat all medical causes of hair loss. That's especially important for our female patients because the cause of hair loss in women is often a treatable medical condition.

Come visit Dr. Stuart & Dr. Chaffoo and let us help you achieve the spectacular look you deserve!

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