A La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Practice Has Success With Newest Generation of Laser Lipolysis

Dr. Richard Chaffoo says San Diego and La Jolla cosmetic surgery patients have an effective solution for unwanted fat and cellulite with Smartlipo TriPlex™.

La Jolla, California (October 2014) — Dr. Richard Chaffoo (www.lajollaskin.com) customizes laser treatments at his La Jolla cosmetic surgery practice using the Cynosure® Smartlipo TriPlex, a next-generation laser that the triple board-certified plastic surgeon says is highly effective at efficiently reducing unwanted fat and cellulite.

“The TriPlex system represents the newest generation of laser lipolysis and provides our liposuction patients in La Jolla with significant benefits when compared with older liposuction alternatives,” Dr. Chaffoo says.

Those benefits include reduced liposuction procedure time, less downtime for recovery, and less bleeding and bruising than after traditional liposuction, Dr. Chaffoo says.

The La Jolla plastic surgeon, a laser liposuction specialist, says the TriPlex system features 3 distinct wavelengths that each target specific body contouring concerns. Dr. Chaffoo can blend the wavelengths to customize treatments for each patient, depending on his or her needs.

The Cynosure Smartlipo TriPlex laser system can remove unwanted fat, as traditional liposuction does, but its laser technology also helps to tighten the skin for a smooth contour after the fat inside is removed. Additionally, it treats cellulite and facial acne scars, making it a versatile part of Dr. Chaffoo’s practice, he says.

“The system is a wonderful asset for a plastic surgeon like myself who treats a range of concerns,” he says. “It’s a vital component in my success and the success of my patients who want to improve their bodies and their confidence.”

Dr. Chaffoo says that the system is advanced and complex, which allows for a high level of customization and tailored treatments, but which also requires a practitioner who is experienced.

“It’s important for patients to choose a qualified specialist with experience using the new generation of lasers,” Dr. Chaffoo says. “This helps ensure patients aren’t disappointed with the results and that their safety is the foremost priority.”

Dr. Chaffoo is affiliated with Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla and personally consults with each patient before recommending a specific treatment. With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Chaffoo and his practice are well-established as part of the La Jolla community.

“We’ve built lasting relationships with our patients and members of the elective healthcare industry, allowing us to be at the forefront of aesthetic innovations,” Dr. Chaffoo says. “Offering the Cynosure TriPlex laser to residents throughout San Diego is an example of how our patients benefit from those relationships.”

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