5 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time for Surgical Recovery

Author: Dr. Richard Chaffoo
Dr, Chaffoo gives 5 reasons for winter surgery in la jolla San Diego

Many patients often ask me when is the ideal time of the year to consider elective cosmetic plastic surgery? Is there an “ideal” time for recovering from plastic surgery? While no absolute “ideal” time exists, there are some compelling reasons to consider your elective plastic surgery during the winter season. Here are 5 reasons why winter is often considered a perfect time to have down time:

Less Sun and Cooler Temperatures

Many surgical procedures require postoperative dressings and garments which are easily tolerated in the cooler temperatures of the winter months. There tend to be more cloudy days now and sun exposure, especially for facial procedures, is less which can be beneficial with facial laser procedures and peels.

Bulky Winter Clothing

Elective plastic surgery procedures involving the breast and body often require the use of dressings and garments which are easily hidden this time of the year. We tend to wear heavier, warmer, and more bulky clothing now which is ideal to conceal these underlying garments.

“Staycation” to Recover

After most elective cosmetic surgery there will be a recovery period from days to weeks. During this time most people will avoid social activities, exercise routines, and even work (unless your home is your office!). It’s an ideal time to consider this a “staycation” and take advantage of our climate, scenery, and relaxed lifestyle as you recover from your procedure in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Start the New Year as a New You

This is an ideal time for reflection and setting aside time for yourself and your personal goals to look the best you can be. We’re only a few weeks away from a New Year! Many people like to take advantage of the holiday schedule of days off work to do something special for themselves with elective plastic surgery.

Swimsuit Ready by Summer

We all notice problem areas that can be improved with elective plastic surgery and some non-invasive treatments like coolsculpting. Breast augmentation, liposuction, and “mommy makeovers” done over the winter season allow for adequate recovery. Both men and women feel more confident and proportional in summer clothing, especially swimsuits, by the time summer season is here.

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